Monday, 10 December 2012

Why List your business with Dialus India

There may be numerous ways to getyour business promoted through online business channels and sources, but all of them are comprised of the same purpose i.e. to increase the popularity of the business in order to generate more profits and build a big network of customers. The aim has the meaning, but it demands the efficient stuffs. However, finding a solution in the hands of online marketing professionals is worth obtaining in this regard.

Most of the online marketing companies prefer submitting their client’s online businesses, products and services to the worldwide web directories. To get the worldwide exposure, it has proved to be really a most suitable and astonishing solution. Similar to most of the other online classified directories, Dialus India is also the foremost one.
Dialus India is one of the leadingonline business and classified ads directories in India and its professionals are paying their best to their all astonishing ventures since years. They are best utilizing their experience and knowledge to give boost to their client websites with effective and long lasting solutions.
Nowadays, when the technological solutions are getting an increased and most fascinating place in the business world, it is worth obtaining proper solution to be on top among the competitors. Hence, every day, new strategies and solutions are emerging forcing business owners to implement some strong solutions for their business growth and earn increased profits. Business listings is one of the most promising means to go with where your prospects get to know about their most preferred business within a quick search only. Dialus India makes this stuff more convenient through its business listing directory, where numerous businesses get listed category-wise making people easy to find their preferred one. The time and efforts saving means is the major benefit with it and it also does not require panicking a lot to get your website listed there.
There are numerous other benefits that you get while listing your website with Dialus India and the results will surely be far beyond your expectations. Just spending a couple of hours in a week to post online listings to different websites like Dialus India with submitting some of your business details will surely benefit you a lot. As your business listing got approved, it will be displayed in the list of businesses and it will remain in the database of the listing directory for long.
You can go through it as per your convenience and can utilize the money that you have saved for the important offline marketing

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Future of Business: Online Directories

Gone are the days of pouring over printed directories. Online business directories are the most popular form of business advertisement these days especially with the advent of laptops, net books, smart phones and tablets to save their time and energy. There are many such directories on the net offering same or similar services. Go for the services of an online directory because:
·         The cost of getting listed in an online directory is very low and reaches a wider audience then a printed directory. Some sites also do the marketing and advertising for its clients.

·         They have special categories featuring various products and services and your business will be listed according to it. This gets you noticed by the customers who have never even heard about you before.
·         They have search engines which immediately find the businesses being looked for by the visitor. For a small fee, some sites also make your business name appear at the top of search results.
·         Many online directories also offer a small description of the services on offer by various businesses.
·         It is easier to make some change in your trademark or contact information when it is online but in print media, you will have to wait till the next edition before you can do so.
·         Some sites, for a nominal fee, allow you to post the promotional offers also. So you can save your hard-earned money being spent on paper and printing.

For the growth of your business, it is necessary to find the right one before investing your time and money as all are not worth it. Look for the one which:
·         Offers more than just the names and contacts of various businesses. Go for the one which gives also gives a small description of your business so the consumer will know what to expect at your business centre. You can also add testimonials from your customers.
·         Easy user interface also attracts more users. So go for the one which you find easy to use not the one with attractive graphics but difficult to operate.
·         Some even allow a picture or two of your business to be posted on their site. This is better advertisement as the pictures are noted before the text is read.

In short come to us at, we offer all these and more. Contact us now on 0522-4026175. Most successful companies make use of online business directories as per their marketing strategy and are assured of excellent returns. Enlisting with one is a smart business move.  It can drive sales forward. So it is the time to take plunge. A good online business directory, like, can be a useful tool for anyone who is interested in finding an effective and affordable marketing strategy. A well placed advertisement can reach potential targeted customers now and well into the future as well thus cutting cost on future advertising expenses as in the case of print or electronic media advertising.

The users also get benefited because of using this online directory. They get easily and very quickly the information regarding the various products and services they are searching. Their time is saved and the purpose is satisfied.
You have already delayed enough. Do not delay any further. Contact us now on 0522-4026175 or visit us at to become the part of India’s fastest growing business directory and see your business grow.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Indian Yellow Pages

Gone are the days when people used to have telephone directories with different coloured sections to show the business listings. No one look in it when they want to find an address. Moreover half of the present generation doesn’t even know how to look in one if they come across one such directory. But what they do know is how to look up anything online. Most of the firms/ business whether small/ medium or large and all other establishments have their own websites or are at least listed in one or more online directories.

 So it is time to get your business registered on net. We are one such online directory for Indian business holders. If you have not got a website for your business or you are a small business and think you do not need one then you are wrong. Pamphlets and newspaper and magazine advertisements are the things of past. It is time now to embrace the future. You are scared because you have two left hands when it comes to computer?? Do not panic anymore. Just give us a call on +91 522 402 6175. We will list your business in our directory. Just a simple call on +91 522 402 6175 and see how your business grows. 

Whether you have a retail shop/ a grocery store/ a garment shop/ a stationary shop/ restaurant- you can enlist with us. Whether you are in B2B business (transactions between businesses) /B2C business (transactions between business and consumer) or in B2G business (transactions between business and government) competition is always there and one way to get ahead of competition is to better advertise. So come to us and become better known then your competitors. Become a member of our organisation, and you can develop better contacts also as you will know who all provide the services which you can use for your business growth. yellow pages Our site lists the business as per: • the category/ type of business, • products as well as • According to the location in which it is located. So you need not worry that your business name will not be visible among other big names. It also has a search engine which shows all the online business in India stores providing same services or products or as per the search criteria of the user. You can advertise your business as you wish in coloured fonts, 

highlighted, in coloured box or in any other design. Just give our agents a call on +91 522 402 6175. All we will need from you is: • Your store/business address, contact number, mail ID, website link • Store/business hours • A description of your business i.e. all the services you offer, USP of your business. • Photographs of your business centre (optional) There are lot of foreign companies who want to set up online business directory or are seeking contact with Indian companies who can handle their requirements. Listing with us with also help them to find you thus more growth for your business. So give us a call now on +91 522 402 6175. Do not delay further. Just a simple call and your see your business soar like a rocket.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

India on your Finger Tips

Your friend wants the address of computer showrooms, just dial 0522-4026175. Your sister wants to visit the saloon but doesn’t know the way, just dial 0522-4026175. Your father is planning a vacation and needs to contact a reliable travel agent, just dial 0522-4026175. Your mom wants you to make a reservation for lunch in a restaurant for her kitty party just dial 0522-4026175. You want to hang out with your friends at a budget joint, just dial 0522-4026175.
The end of all your worries is here now. Remember our number and contact us. We are the internet web directory where you can post business free and get famous. We are here to serve you 24X7 to help you out with anything and everything from the designer boutiques, leather jacket stores, automobile service centres, supermarkets, restaurants to stationary shop; electronics repair centre, employment agencies and generator dealers. Whatever the requirement may be, if you need it we will provide it.
Why should you use us?
For all the below mentioned reasons and more:
  • It’s a convenient and free of cost service.
  • You don’t need to go out in sun from one place to another in search of that perfect restaurant or the reliable travel agent thus saving not only time but also fuel.
  • You don’t need to make endless calls to all those who have given parties or had enjoyed the services of salon. You don’t need to spend unlimited money on these calls. Just one call to us and get all the information in minutes.
  • It will also save you from the undue gossips and those aunty-question-and-answers-rounds and all those gossips and comments like “she could not have arranged the party without my help” or “her parents are trying to get married as she has begun to go to parlour” or may be “what an extravagant girl- getting her clothes stitched at designer boutiques”. It does sound funny but it’s not at all funny when you are the one being talked about. So protect yourself and your family and contact us for any help you want.
For all of those who have got a business and are not listed with us but wants to get listed contact our customer care on 0522-4026175 and see the exponential growth of your business. We are one of the India’s most trusted and used service providers. List yourself with us and let your potential clients find you faster and smarter way. Sooner you contact us, faster your business will begin to grow. Display your contact information the way you want. You can display:
  • Phone, store/ business hours
  • your address, contact number, mail ID, website link
  • detailed business description i.e. products and services being offered by you
  • You can also display your charges.
  • 1 photo
So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the competition. Give us a call now on 0522-4026175 or contact our agents at

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Importance of Local Search Engine

Search engine optimization for every business is important but Local Search Engine provides more deepened search results and so it performs exceptionally well. Any particular local business does not need to be on the first page of search result they only need to rank on the first page for local results for consumers who live within a 5-10 mile radius of the actual business location. Local search engine marketing is a lot more effective than advertising in local newspaper or giving out fliers to random people on the streets. A business gets much more exposure and value for money when they focus their advertising budget on this native marketing. If you are a post business online or company then this is the best method of optimization for your company or business and would benefit from this form of optimization techniques. Local SEO takes advantage of having information on your website containing information letting the robots and spiders know your locality so that the search engines can return the best matches for local results in a particular area. It used to be that local businesses believed that the search engines were not geared towards delivering results for small and local businesses, probably because of its global reach capabilities. But this belief has changed because of the continuity of the search engine evolving constantly and new and local platforms are developed, like local search. Local Search engine Today there are millions of small online businesses offering products that can give good competition even to big and already recognized brands. To put your business in quick recognition you need to advertise. Advertisement for any business is very essential for its growth and its double beneficial if the cost of advertising does not increase more than the budget you have assigned for it. If you are doing paid advertisements to promote your website, other people who are not in your locality and who click on your ads will add up to the losses on your side.Dial Us India provides you free registration service for your business.We are primarily supported by advertising from businesses that wish to be prominently featured when users search for a specific product or service in specific locations. We show the search results according to our structured database of local businesses according to the geographical conditions. Your business has a website good, but if not you need not worry as after filling up this very easy form available on our website or by calling us up at 0522-4026175 we put you live on internet. We provide a page under our website dedicated to your business, solely. Registering with Dial Us India helps in boosting up your business’s web presence and enhances your business’s visibility against organic search.Your business needs Dialus for Business for one very important reason: increasingly, the web is where your customers will find you. As we provide localized service, we make sure that your business is attracting attention from the right web traffic - People in your local area that can patronize your business not only online, but in person as well.Catering to your local audience is vitally important to the success of your business.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Online Business Listing: A necessity for every a business

When a customer looks for a local business online he or she may use one of the well-known worldwide search engines. If your business show up in the search results then you are very lucky. Of course you've got no chance of showing up in the results if you don't have a website or in other words you have to have a website of your business. The first few search results are probably from the well-known large national directories followed by lesser known local directories. The potential customer will click on one of these search results and then select the business to call. Hence if youwishbenefits from your business, get your business listed in directory, regardless of whether you have a website or not.
Dial Us India hereby provides you with this favourable service for your business.Advertising with us is affordable and cost effective. By listing your business with us you will get direct customers to promote your business and gain profits. The advertising rates go up every year. While looking up for online business directories you will definitely come across few paid directories but there could be a problem because paid directories will affect your advertising budget.

Dial Us India, provides this service free to help your to take your business to new heights. It is always advantageous for your business to sign up with the website which provides free directory listing as we require no additional research, a simple form to fill up and you are done with listing your business.Submitting your business to Dial Us India will help local consumers to find and contact you for your services or products. Your business could be of textiles, medicines, auto motives service, restaurants or anything just sign up, get listed and receive customers. We help you track your results so that you can monitor how effective your advertisement is. Listing your business with us will bring increased targeted traffic to your website and help in the overall turnover from your business.
You do not need any technical know-how to take advantage of this modern advertising method. The developer that creates the online business directory will take care of all of the technical "stuff" for you. You need only to provide the basic information concerning:
·         Your company name, address, phone number and/or website address.
·         What category or categories you wish to advertise under
·         What area or areas you wish to list your business
Dial Us India local directory is an important and valuable addition to your online marketing strategy. Thousands of people search every day for businesses on their favourite free directory. Dial Us India localdirectory list not just the description of your business but also your business' opening hours, price listings, location map, and even your photo or your office or store photo.
Start profiting by advertising your business in Dial Us India Local directory today. We ensure 24*7 availability of our staff on telephone so that you have round the clock opportunities to get a call from your prospective customers.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Latest Buzz of Online Marketing World

Get ready to explore the power of the internet with local search engine. Today many big and small business enterprisers are expanding their business and generating more revenue with local search engine marketing. It is one of the most economical and fast way to promote the business among the targeted potential customers.

There are several other search engines apart from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Unfortunately most of the people are unaware about the role of local search engine marketing and they are deprived of its benefits. Earn the benefits of local search engine Local Search engine and promote your business wisely with local search engine listing. Local search engine marketing is highly useful for those who target area specific customers. If your target is local market hit the potential customers with smart local search engine optimization service and get heard by millions of people in short period of time. The growing popularity of Google map listing and other local search engine clearly indicates how it is affecting the revenue generation for many small and big business. Many internet marketing service providers have included local search engine marketing as an integral part of the online marketing plan. A well planned and well executed local listing can greatly affect your popularity.

Today when everything is available on the internet Search engine works as a connector between buyers and manufacturers. A smart manufacturer work meticulously to hit the targeted market in a natural way with local listing.
Local Search engine
Search engine works as a bridge for the net savvy people. It is the search engine result that directly and indirectly controls the behavior of online users. There are millions of competitors competing for the same target market and search engine result is the only way to get find by the potential customers. The relevancy of local search engine marketing is expanding. Today more and more people are turning towards the internet for marketing and promotional purpose and local listing is the most easy and fast way to target the potential customers and promote your products and service. The marketing technique is easy and effective yet highly economical this is the reason the local search engine promotion is getting very popular among traditional as well as modern entrepreneurs.

It is highly useful for promoting area specific service suppose someone wants to promote paying guest facility for the corporate Local Search engine and students, target the locality and promote the business wisely to get find by the right people at the right time.